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Videography Tips for a Perfect Shoot

Regardless of whether you are shooting for news, documentaries, web video or reality television, there are some guidelines that you should follow for a perfect shoot. It is true that techniques will differ between each situation – “on the fly” for news or a well planned out documentary – but the basics remain the same.

Here are a few tips that you will do well to follow.

  • Rock steady hand – Even the slightest of shakes can ruin your shoot. This is why using a tripod is absolutely necessary. Try not to constantly pan the camera to the left or right or zoom in and out. Every frame should have a story to tell and that will only be possible if you linger for some time on an event or a face. It will help you when you edit the film later.
  • Lighting – This is not much different from that of standard still photography. Always have the subject well lit but not so brightly that the frames will have a washed out look. Never shoot a subject with the back to the sun or one in a shade with a brightly lit background.
  • Wide choice for editing – Films and documentaries are finalised in the editing room and it is here that you should have a wide range of options. Hence shoot as many wide, medium or close-up as possible to a scene so that you can choose the best in an editing room. For example, for crowd scenes, take crane shots from top of a building and then zoom tightly in to capture the expression of the people. It will speak volumes of the emotional involvement of the crowd with the event taking place.
  • Background support – Backgrounds complement the shoot. For example, an interview conducted against a plain white screen will be low on effect. Have a relevant set in place and if that is not possible move the subject to a place where the backdrop is in sync with the topic being discussed.
  • Avoid tight zoom in – There is an overall loss in picture quality when you zoom in. Further, unless you are using a tripod, there will be image shake. It is better to go near to the subject for a close-op.

These are some tips you will do well to follow for a perfect Videography shoot.

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